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Fabricating your products & innovations using our pre-engineered building blocks allows us to deliver low cost solutions and accelerates time-to-market.  

Prototypes & Volume Manufacturing

KS2 manages the supply chain and manufacture of first-builds and market-volume to meet your forecasted needs. 

Return on Investment

KS2 Manufacturing offers significant ROI by applying effective solutions for minimum time to market, price-point, quality, and reliability.  

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Small volume orders to meet your product development needs.

Volume & Supply Chain


Cost effective sourcing and manufacturing for your market volumes.

Quality & Reliability


We build performance, quality, and reliability into every project.

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Contact KS2 Manufacturing. to discuss fabricating your next-generation products.  

KS2 Manufacturing

274-137 rue Saint-Ferdinand, Montreal, QC H4C2S6, CA



Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm